Sara Becker

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
College: University of Michigan


Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 2014 in international relations and Spanish language, Sara Becker has been living majority in Sydney, Australia, working in the outdoor industry and higher education, practicing her photography and doing her best to explore as much of the country as she can.

Originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Sara has called quite a few places home including Barcelona and San Francisco, in addition to Sydney. She has many interests; she loves practicing yoga, taking a coastal hike, cranking music or cooking a delicious meal. Adventurous and spontaneous, Sara has volunteered on organic farms in New Zealand, attended the Holi Festival in India and hiked in Iceland and surfed in Bali. As a student, Sara participated in Overland programs, including Vermont & Montreal in 2006 and Hawaii Explorer in 2007.

In 2011, Sara was a member of Overland’s Support Staff; in 2012, she led North Country Adventure; in 2013, she led Language & Service Costa Rica; in 2014, she led Field Studies Patagonia; and in 2015, she led Field Studies Tanzania. She writes, “Leading for Overland is impossible to sum up in a few words. Of course, there is an astounding amount of responsibility involved in keeping our groups on track, but there is also this mutual growing process that allows for all of us to take on new challenges with tenacity and patience, and most importantly, cultivate an environment that encourages independence and fosters an experience that they’ll treasure for many years to come.”