Mackey Hemphill

Hometown: Mount Hermon, Massachusetts
College: Wesleyan University

A 2015 Wesleyan graduate, Mackey Hemphill has made the NESCAC academic team for both field and ice hockey every semester.

Originally from Mount Hermon, Massachusetts, Mackey was the captain of both her field hockey and lacrosse teams and was a four-year member of the choir at Northfield Mount Hermon. At Wesleyan, Mackey majored in earth and environmental science. Currently she teaches at the Community School in Sun Valley, Idaho. Mackey went on Nova Scotia & Acadia, her first Overland trip, the summer after her eighth grade year. After that, she went on Rockies Service and finally the American Challenge in the summer of 2010.

In 2012, Mackey returned to Overland to lead New England Adventure and work on Overland’s Support Staff; in 2013, she led New England Coast; in 2014, she led Canadian Rockies & Montana; in 2015, she led the American Challenge; and in 2016, she led European Challenge. She writes, “The memories of my experience as an Overland student will stay with me forever. I am excited to be back to lead and share my love for Overland with students.”