Eric Levenson

Hometown: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
College: Bowdoin College

Eric Levenson returned to the Maine Coast as a math teaching fellow for Chewonki’s Semester School.

Originally from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Eric is a 2015 graduate of Bowdoin College. Much of his time and effort was spent leading trips and serving on the executive committee for the Bowdoin Outing Club. Outdoor activities such as skiing, backpacking and whitewater kayaking were some of Eric’s favorite ways to spend time because of the unique experiences, as well as the beautiful surroundings that come with outdoor recreation. His extracurricular activities ranged from mentoring at a local elementary school to co-running the ever-popular fireside knitting club. While Eric is passionate about being outside, his interests reach far beyond the realm of the outdoors. Whether he is styling his mustache or cutting old jeans into jean shorts, it is safe to say that Eric’s style is a catalyst for his favorite activity of all—meeting new people.

In 2013, Eric led North Country Adventure; in 2014, he led Colorado Leadership; in 2015, he led Alaska Leadership; and in 2016, he led Alpine Challenge. He writes, “I’m thrilled to spend my summer promoting the personal growth of my Overland students through new and exciting experiences, all while getting the chance to spend as much time outside as possible.”